How It All Began

Katie is the sole practitioner at Beauty and Trim and has worked helping customers for 5 years with inch loss having moved on from being a Slimming World consultants prior to this due to health reasons.  She specialises in non surgical, non invasive procedures that work without the need for knives or needles.


Katie keeps her skill set up to date by attending seminars, training courses and workshops to ensure she brings the latest and safest cosmetic treatments to the business.  As with every respectable business, all treatments are covered by malpractice insurance, offering peace of mind and protection to both the customers and the business


She says “I find it very rewarding helping to make people look and feel better. I specialise in treatments that work without the need for the use of knives or needles.  I care about the way I look, so I love helping people and feel better and also turning back the aging clock – it is simply life-changing. Many of my customers feel so much more confident knowing they look good.  I lovely to warn customers not to get distracted looking in their rear view mirror whilst driving home following the face and neck HIFU Treatment as there is an instant visual difference.  Whilst not visually different, being a woman in my 40s whose carried 2 children, I simply cannot recommend the difference that Vaginal HIFU Tightening has made to me and my own confidence – and better yet, one treatment result last for up to 2 years”


Working from home, enables Katie to offer the cosmetic treatments to everyone at an affordable price but at the same time juggling her health and being a great mum. 

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